15+ Best SEO Blogger Templates Free Download

Being a blogger is been a profession of a number of people around the world and when it comes to presentation, there are various options available on the internet. Earlier, WordPress was considered as only medium for presenting free and attractive blogging style but as soon as Google gave birth to Blogger, it changed life of many people. Blogger template has turned out to be a need for many bloggers when it comes to professionalism and eye- catching layout and features.

A blog is considered great as it reach to most of the people through the platform of internet. Search Engine Optimisation is the feature which is found in most of the Blogger Template but when it comes to something special, it always require some payment. So, here we are with amazing and beautiful blogger’s template that will provide you SEO services for free. So, let us have a look at them.

Legenda Blogger Template

If you are a blogger you love to write about fashion and beauty benefits, than Legenda turns out to be the best template for you. It comes with amazing and helpful layout to display your content and, at the same time, its unique design gives it the quality of being one of the best blogger theme. The theme turns out to be great to display your latest and different contents. Apart from all these, Legenda workd well as far as SEO optimization is concerned.

Capture.png (595×426)

Telemag Blogger template

Telemag is known for being a unique as well as simple template than will display the content with its beautiful and elegant design. Its tool bar makes the content easy to be find and its social media sharing feature makes the content reach as many readers as possible and increase followers of your blogs. The template comes with beautiful header and on the left side, one can display the logo and on the right, advertisement are placed that turns out to be the reason for great revenue.

llily.png (590×448)

Petty Blogger theme

Another template which is known best for its amazing features to increase your SEO. It is best if you are looking for a theme that has fast, responsive and SEO friendly nature. The theme works best for bloggers who love to write about fashion and personal things because of elegant and beautiful design. Its unique slider on the header makes it easy and handy for the users to find latest and popular posts. The writer can simply introduce with a short introduction on the right side as it comes with attractive layout.

clothe.png (600×454)

Maverick Blogger template

A beautiful and graceful template designed by great designers, Maverick is known for its SEO optimized responsiveness which will help the website to increase the ranking on search engine. It comes with a creative design which suits best to the writers who love you write about travel, finance, magazine, fashion and other things which need to have more gallery- like look. To improve the experience of the readers, the theme comes with a unique and easy readable font style.

content.png (591×466)

Sora SEO Template

For the people who are looking for high SEO optimized template, Sora SEO is here to help you. As the name suggests, the template comes with high SEO responsiveness, especially for bloggers to have their hands over business, news, technology, and gadget blogging.

No template offers a same SEO feature as Sora does for free. To be able to add social media sharing feature, the template makes the blog reach as many people as possible. Enjoy using a theme that will never disappoint you in terms of SEO optimization.

20.png (597×482)

Lex Blogger Template

The template might seem a simple one but when it comes to using, the user can feel the uniqueness with its amazing features. A perfect blogger template for fashion, magazine and beauty benefit blogging, Lex comes with an important feature of being a highly- SEO optimized one. The template will help the writer to increase the ranking on any search engine as it lifts up the blog in search results. Its social media options on the top of the right side make it reach people with ease. Its creative slider makes it easy for the readers to know about the latest and trendy topics of your blog.

women.png (593×453)

Angel Template

Another template that comes with an elegant and amazing design, Angel template turns out to be the best template for any type of blogging, especially for travel and fashion blogging. Its amazing slider makes the display more unique as it makes it easier to find various trendy and latest blogs on the website with a beautiful navigation bar above the slider. It also comes with attractive logo at the center, social media icons on the top left corner to share the content and on the right, a small introduction is given about the writer. The template in fast, responsive and highly SEO- friendly.

sentico.png (595×468)

Smooth Blogger Template

With the features that could only be found in the template that charge very high, Smooth works smoothly, as the name suggests, and with the amazing features without any payment. It is known for its high SEO responsiveness as well as its user- friendly nature and creative design.

Even if you don’t have any coding knowledge, don’t worry as smooth allows you to customize the theme with ease. To be able to add more ads to your theme, the template allows you to add advertisement as and where required.

ecom.png (636×333)

Top Magazine Template

Where many bloggers need to have something simple and yet stylish theme, Top Magazine template works in that way only. The template provides a great design for the users who are a crazy blogger about magazine, travel, news, sports, and others. The template is made easy to be customized and, at the same time, comes with many other amazing features. Its powerful tool and functional tool gives it all the power of being one of the best blogging templates.

sparkle.png (585×465)

Hilary Blogger Template

Here comes another blogger theme which is designed for the bloggers in the field of fashion, news, magazine, travel, and food. It comes with an easy, creative and clean design which makes it more beneficial for a blogger to make their blog an attractive one. Its SEO optimization and responsive layout make it one of the best template. It could make your website look classy and stylish at the same time.

sinp.png (591×459)

Emma Blogger Template

Write you blogs in more creative and stylish manner with the help of Emma, you can do it in a more amazing way as it provides amazing features along with easy customization. The customization comes with an easy change of font, style, color and all. Apart from it, the theme comes with high SEO optimization feature.

newspaper.png (591×496)

SEO Blog Blogger Template

When we talk about SEO- friendly, there are a number of templates available on blogger. Out of such blogging themes, SEO blog is the one which was created basically for SEO optimization. It can be used in any kind of blogging such as magazine, travel, news, and many others because of its multi- purpose usage. Its creative and responsive layout comes handy when used by people with ease. It boosts the blogs to make it as popular as possible with SEO optimization for free.

dazzzle.png (586×470)

Florence Blogger Theme

A very light weight loading template, Florence comes with a clean, elegant and clear layout to display your blogs beautifully. The template suits best to the users who write about travel, lifestyle, and fashion. Apart from it, the template comes with multi- purpose features that goes with any kind of blogging style. Florence is highly responsive and beautiful template.

travel.png (590×477)

Pixel Blogger Template

If you are in search of something that could maintain your professionalism, you don’t have to worry anymore as Pixel is there for you with high SEO responsiveness to make your blogs as popular as possible. It can be used for any type of blogging because of its amazing features and multi- purposes. It is fully customizable and has a responsive layout.

Groovy Blogger Template

A fully responsive template, Groovy is the theme that is user- friendly and can be used in any device. It goes well with fashion blogging as it works best in a way of presentation with its amazing and elegant designs. For the people who was SEO optimization and style in the same theme, Groovy is here to help you. It presents the blogs in a unique style which readers love to read.

unite.png (591×475)

Even though there are thousands of templates available when you start using blogger but when it comes to something that contains a specific quality, it is hard to find a perfect theme. Now, you do not have to spend a huge amount of money to make you blogs popular. So, out of so many free templates which can give SEO optimization at its best, all you need to do is pick out the best one as per your requirements and enjoy your blogging experience.